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 What we do 

What we do

We advise on divorce, separation and children matters. 

We can deal with your divorce either in a conventional way or through the collaboration process. We can also refer you to a mediator where appropriate.

An individual approach to your divorce

We will take you through the various stages of your case demystifying and explaining the options open to you and your family with care and compassion, forging a relationship of trust.

In addition to the holistic approach we practice, we are able to offer referrals to other professionals and bodies where appropriate who can help with counselling and financial matters providing an all-round support system.

There is no ‘one fits all solution’. We handle each case personally only taking on a realistic number of clients at any one time. We will deal with your case with sensitivity, tact and an understanding of the changing issues in your life. 


  • FREE first 30 minutes by telephone only
  • FREE first interview of 45 MINUTES either in person or on Zoom
  • Thereafter £285.00 per hour

Divorce Costs

  • This includes filing the application on line, applying for a Conditional and Final OrderFixed costs: Court Fee £593.00
  • Fixed Costs: All paperwork £157.00
  • Total £750.00 
  • N.B.  This applies to the divorce only.  Other costs may be incurred if complications arise.

Financial Remedy

This work is charged at £285.00 per hour and the overall cost  will depend on how long we have to spend on your case.

We do not currently operate a Fixed Fee for financial remedy but we are happy to discuss your options.

 Also please check our Pricing Bands to see an estimate of the costs to reach a financial settlement.

For example, if you have attended Mediation and you simply want a Financial Remedy/Consent Order drafted and filed at  Court

this will cost between £1,500.00 - £3,000.00 depending on the complexity of the agreement and as long as there is no further negotiation involved.

 We do not charge VAT

Collaborative Law resolution  Expert legal advice when you need it most


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